In Barberly we add new features and functionality every month. This is the schedule of upcoming features.
We do custom development for our clients based on a specific needs of your barbershop.

February 2020

  • Mobile app for owners and barbers. (released)
  • German and French localization. The Barberly system will be available in German and French languages.¬†

March 2020

  • Several services in 1 booking. Highly requested feature
  • Charge no-show. Optional feature to charge your no-shows
  • Custom booking slots in Barberly Business app
  • Recurring appointments in ¬†Barberly Business app

April 2020

  • Inventory items. Sell goods and cosmetics.
  • Payment in mobile application. Customers can pay for your services from mobile phones.¬†
  • Lookbook in mobile app. Lookbook in the mobile app for clients.

Feel free to write us the chat when:

  1. You want to know if we have feature or not
  2. You need details of any feature
  3. You want to check a status of features from upcoming list and get update about its delivery date
  4. You want us to implement feature in Barberly or have a request for your own specific feature
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