In this Appointments tab, you can review and manage received bookings, as well as create them by yourself.

Tap the Appointments button on the left navigation bar to open the list of bookings.

Review, add and edit appointments

Here you can see following information: appointment time and date, location, service, barber (employee), customer, and appointment statue (confirmed or canceled).

On the right column, there is a list of actions that you can apply for the appointment: 1 view (and edit), 2 cancel, 3 complete,  4 customer not arrived, 5 add to the transaction, 6 start transaction.

To review or edit appointment details you can just tap the appointment or View button (1 on the screenshot above).

Along with time and date, service and other information, price and sent notifications are available in this tab as well. 

Add an appointment

To add an appointment by your self (after walk-in or phone booking, for example), you need to tap Add Appointment button on the top navigation bar.
Then you need to find in your base or add a client, a barber, location, select service, add the price, book the time slot or set up time interval, and Save it.

Export PDF and Excel reports

You can export a list of appointments to PDF and Excel format. Just tap he related buttons on the top navigation bar.

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