You can create a cash discount to reward your loyal clients.
You need to complete a few steps for this:

1. Open the Absolute discount menu in your Barberly account by tapping Loyalty program button on the left navigation bar.  

2. Tap Add  Absolute discount  button to open the Absolute discount  window.

3. Fill in the empty fields with basic information about an absolute discount .

Add  Absolute discount name and description, upload the image.

4. Add the number of points needed to get this absolute discount and its value (amount of cash).

5. Set up absolute discount details. Select if it will be a one-time absolute discount  or permanent, and select if you need to deduct points/bonuses to activate it. Add expiration date by which discount should be used.

6. Select an audience to be rewarded with an absolute discount .

  • All customers: any your client can use the discount.

  • Specific customers: select one of your clients to be rewarded with an absolute discount.

   a) Customers who use selected services.
First of all, make sure that you set up the services. And then select the services you want to put the absolute discount on.
   b) Customer with appointments: set up a period to reward your clients who visit your Barbershop on a specific date.
   c) Customers who have a birthday: set up a period to reward birthday clients.

7. Tap the Save button.

Also, you can edit existing absolute discounts by tapping a certain discount in the  Absolute discount window.

Then bonuses will be collected on customer bonus card and can be converted to absolute discounts.

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